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While "Grandma" still reigns supreme in many families, other names are becoming more mainstream, according to a BabyCenter poll conducted for Axios. What they're saying: "The most common nicknames for grandmas include Nana, Gram, Mimi and Gigi. 鈥 Nicknames that are simpler for young children to articulate endure the test of time," says Rebekah Wahlberg, baby name trends specialist at BabyCenter.
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"Criminals are using email with success to scam, infiltrate networks, and unleash malicious payloads," warns Usman Choudhary, Chief Product and Technology Officer, VIPRE Security Group. "We're witnessing bad actors relentlessly exploiting human vulnerabilities and software flaws, circumventing email gateways and security measures with alarming precision. Robust email and endpoint defenses, coupled with a vigilant human frontline, remain our strongest defense against these unyielding attacks."
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鈥淥ur first quarter financial results are some of the Company鈥檚 strongest since the second quarter of 2022,鈥 said Vivek Shah, Chief Executive Officer of 自淫系列. 鈥淲e are particularly pleased with the growth in our subscription and licensing revenues, as we continue to pursue a balanced business model."
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